What are the reasons to choose water-soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol

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Water-soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol preserves our planet

Today most of our household products are packed in polyethylene (PE) plastic packaging that takes 100 to 1000 years to decompose in the environment. Throwing the waste in the wild is not without consequence since they can stay there for a long time, sometimes very long … In the wild, they pollute the rivers and cause the death of underwater fauna. This is not the case with the water-soluble PVA film which dissolves in contact with water and in the presence of microorganisms decomposes into natural substances in less than 3 months! This is why choosing the PVA water-soluble film is choosing an ecological packaging that respects the environment and will not affect the flora or fauna of our planet.

This packaging offers many other advantages that we will discover together in this article.

The water-soluble unit dose is economical, ecological and practical

The PVA water-soluble film allows the creation of water-soluble unit doses which are economical, ecological and practical packaging!

Take the concrete case of traditional household products which are often packed in bulky plastic container. These household products contain only 20% of product against 80% of water that results in buying more water than product.

The water-soluble unit dose made of polyvinyl alcohol takes its full meaning here since it is a condensed product packed in a ready-to-use dose. No more dosing yourself or paying for something you already have at home: water.

This practical and ingenious solution of pre-dosed product in a small capsule will significantly reduce packaging, storage and transport costs. The water-soluble dose made of polyvinyl alcohol will therefore allow you to save money!

Who says less transportation says less emission of CO2. Our water-soluble dose will therefore have a positive effect on the environment in comparison to traditional bulky household products, which are large consumers of fuel.

Finally, the practical aspect of this small water-soluble dose is a real advantage since it is now easier and simpler to use the product without having to go through the dosage step. This is the case for laundry cleaning products where the PVA water-soluble unit dose allows you to combine both your detergent, softener and perfume in a single ready-to-use dose.

PVA water-soluble film is a protective and safe packaging

The protection of the user is paramount against harmful products. Indeed, certain products by being inhaled, ingested or even touched by the user can harmful to health. PVA water-soluble film addresses this safety problem by protecting people during the handling and use of the product.

That is the case for chlorine tablets used for swimming pool water treatment. The tablet is wrapped in water-soluble PVA film to protect the user from the aggressive chemicals contained in the tablet.

We also find its protective barrier action for dishwasher fresheners where our complex PVA film protects the perfume during storage and activates the diffusion process after the first wash.

Choosing water-soluble packaging made of polyvinyl alcohol is choosing all its benefits and advantages that we have discovered together, so do not hesitate any longer and vote for an ecological solution: the water-soluble film