Sticky stretch film

The special sticky stretch film used to wrap-up solid products creates a tubular water soluble envelope sticking to itself and therefore no heat sealing is required

The tubular fibber packs produced with this method can be used directly in the different concrete formulations to reinforce mechanical properties.

It is used extensively in the building materials industry among other applications.

Preparing industrially these doses, consist of creating long bundles of fibbers and consolidate them with Pval film, which is stretched wrapped around them and sticks to itself due to stretching without any distinct sealing process.

Then these bundles are cut to pieces (unit doses) of a precise weight, fibber length and content.

The SOLTEC Pval special film is designed to fit this application providing the necessary properties for manufacturing these doses.

It provides long stretching, good sticking force and mechanical properties preventing film brake during this process.

Advantages of sticky stretch film :

Fast solubility.

Mechanical properties preventing film brake.

Good sticking force.

Long stretching.


Building industry solid fibbers and additives.