The complex film PVAL/Paper

The PVAL/Paper complex makes it possible to combine different qualities of paper with a choice of water-soluble and biodegradable films adapted to the application project, such as: technical copolymers, standard types and films soluble in cold or hot water.

The PVAL component can replace, in terms of properties, EVOH. EVOH is currently used in the food industry for its barrier quality. Contrary to PVAL film, EVOH is non recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.

Advantages of the complex film PVAL/Paper :





Ecological packaging with barrier properties to gases, oxygen, aromas, UV.

Packaging quality printing on paper side.

The PVAL component is water soluble and biodegradable


The paper component as well as the whole PVAL/Paper complex is recyclable in the paper industry process.


Food packaging, providing oxygen barrier for food conservation and quality printing on paper.

General purpose packaging, providing oxygen, aroma and UV barrier.