Water soluble films for Food Packaging

Usually, the plastic packaging currently used in the food industry is not environmental friendly.

We propose eco-friendly solutions for all these plastics used in the food industry and which are on the way to be banned.

Advantages of our water soluble films for food packing :



Storage life


Complex film PVAL/PVAL

The first SOLTEC solution consists to provide transparent plastic films that are biodegradable and assure the required barrier to food products.

In order to improve this storage life, from collection, packing, storage and transport to sales destinations and before consumption, protective food packaging is used.

Complex film PVAL/Paper

Soltec propose a complex film for this sector combining a printable paper outer face and an oxygen barrier biodegradable inner face.

Most of the food packaging requires to assure product protection from oxidation and premature deterioration. Food products have to keep their freshness and taste as long as possible.