Water soluble film compatible with chlorine products for pool treatment

Film packaging of chlorinated disinfectants, such as swimming pool treatment products, in the form of tablets or granules, protects the consumer from touching an aggressive product and inhaling toxic vapours during handling.

These films are water soluble from a few degrees and are chemically compatible with several aggressive products

They are used for unit dose packaging of :

  • Chlorine products
  • PH regulating products
  • Algicide products
  • Active oxygen etc.  

Water soluble film compatible with bleach and detergent products

Bleach type products used in household cleaning and disinfecting, like sewage cleaning products, toilet sticks and blocks, to facilitate use, reduce packaging waste and preserve the product properties like disinfecting activity and perfume.

Detergent type products, especially the new generation multiple activity and concentrated products for laundry and dishwasher applications.