SOLTEC offers 

water soluble films, 

plastics and packaging.

Welcome to Soltec Water Soluble Packaging Technology where our innovative products can meet your packaging and ecological requirements. 

Our mission is to anticipate and meet your needs in the conception, development and implementation of water soluble and biodegradable packaging systems.


Water soluble

Soltec manufactures and supplies Pval thermoplastic pellets in Europe, allowing Pval conversion as thermoplastic material and offers multiple application possibilities.

Films cast Hydrosolubles

Soltec distributes in Europe Pval solution cast water soluble films.

Some high technology and unique products are proposed and complex applications are addressed.

Water soluble extruded films

Soltec manufactures in Europe its extruded Pval cold, warm and hot water soluble films, as well as preformed bags.

Packing Europe

Soltec proposes to its customers, contract packing services in water soluble films, through its European operations network. 

Different packing technologies are available.

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