Water soluble and biodegradable laundry bags

SOLTEC has been an expert in the field of biodegradable water soluble plastic films and packaging for over 20 years, that is why we are a quality supplier in the water soluble laundry bag sector.

Contaminated textiles from operating blocks / infectious diseases are placed inside water-soluble laundry bags and then directly in the washing machine, thus avoiding contact with laundry and the risk of contamination and infection.

Water soluble laundry bags are packaging that completely dissolves in contact with water providing an excellent environmentally friendly choice as a replacement for traditional plastics in the laundry industry.

Water soluble biodegradable laundry bags advantages :

100% water soluble and biodegradable.

Capacity to hold up to 15 kg of laundry.


Barrier to bacteria and odors.

Fast and local service.

Small order quantity possible.

Suitable for transport and storage for several days.

Made in Europe in compliance with European directives*.


Compatible with washing machines and washing tunnels within laundry services.

*Our bags comply with the guidelines of the health service HSG (95) 18 Hospital laundry arrangements for used and infected laundry.

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