The complex film for dishwasher freshener

The purpose of the complex film is to provide protection of the perfume during storage so that not to lose product before use and when in use to progressively diffuse the perfume inside the dishwasher.

The barrier function is ensured by the Pval film, contained in the complex film, whose special properties enable maximum barrier performance. Then when in use, the Pval film will dissolve and there will be progressive perfume diffusion.

This controlled perfume diffusion is assured by the remaining special film. This film controls the rate of diffusion in a way to maximise the number of wash cycles of the perfume blister.

In addition a special adhesive is used to bind these two films in a way to assure no delamination due to perfume penetration nor clocking in between the Pval film and the special diffusion film. This assures good perfume protection and good presentation.

The SOLTEC complex film is made in a way not to require any preconditioning before use and can be used immediately and in any conditions, while other films need to be prepared under special temperature conditions before use.

Advantages of our water-soluble films for dishwasher fresheners :


The Pval film protects the perfume in storage.

Controlled and prolonged perfume diffusion.

This film is easy to use and seal on perfume blister packing machines. 

Esthetical with no delamination or clocking

High Productivity on machine.


It requires no special preparation and preconditioning.



The dishwasher deodorizer is automatically activated after dissolution of the Pval perfum protection film during the first wash cycle.

The water-soluble complex film is compatible with a large number of fragrances and can be used as an ambient space perfuming.