Water soluble film for building materials

The materials used in the building industry are mostly water based component mixtures.

The use of water soluble films, preformed sachets, stretch sticky film for fibbers wrapping allowing an easy and precise dosing of the additive components in the mix.

In addition the PVAL is a fully compatible component to these mixtures and act as a binder.

The products used in the building industry, such as concreate mix and specialty additives, include often different types of fibbers made out from different nature materials.

Dosing these additives is not practically easy, because of their form and shape. The dosing systems cannot easily handle these materials.

The idea of creating unit doses wrapped in Pval film is a practical solution. The dose becomes precise and is homogeneously dispersed in the mix once the Pval film dissolve.

Preparing industrially these doses, consist of creating long bundles of fibbers and consolidate them with Pval film, which is stretched wrapped around them and sticks to itself due to stretching without any distinct sealing process.

Then these bundles are cut to pieces (unit doses) of a precise weight, fibber length and content.

Advantages of our water-soluble films for building materials :

Precision dosing and good dispersion of controlled size fibbers

Easy use


Sticky stretch film

The fiber packs created with the sticky stretch film allow a dosing accuracy that can be directly introduced into the tank mixing.

The film creates a water soluble envelope sticking to itself thus no need for heat sealing is required.