The PVAL thermoplastic pellets can be converted by the standard thermoplastic material processes, like extrusion blow molding, injection molding, extrusion vacuum molding etc. into products like bottles, jars, dosing cups and in general into a variety of forms and shapes.

The PVAL thermoplastic pellets can be also converted by blow extrusion into water soluble and biodegradable films. Moreover they can be used in co-extrusion of complex films and in extrusion coating process for example on paper.

The PVAL has similar barrier properties to EVOH material, but in addition to that it is biodegradable and according to requirements water soluble. It can be easily associated with other polymers by co-extrusion process, offering its excellent barrier properties relating to gases, UV radiation, oils, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Additionally the PVAL is in addition anti-static, easy to print and easy to heat seal.

Soltec series: CWSCold water soluble film
Soltec series: WWSWarm water soluble film
Soltec series: HWSHot water soluble film
Soltec series: CIMInjection moulding