What are the benefits of biodegradable water-soluble plastic film?

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Water soluble plastic film

Today more than ever solutions to limit pollution from plastics intensify and the biodegradable water soluble film offers a favorable alternative response and therefore a promising future perspective in the field of packaging. 

Water-soluble film is a biodegradable plastic, which means that it leaves no toxic residue in the nature after its dissolution in water. A few minutes suffice for dissolution and the film’s components are bio-decomposed into natural substances in less than three months. Beyond its environmentally friendly properties, water-soluble plastic film offers many advantages that we will see together.

A plastic film that dissolves in contact with water

Beyond its ecological aspect the water-soluble plastic film is mainly useful for applications that go through a dissolution in water. However, the difficulty is to be able to find the right film for the right product: each film has specific properties that can address different and, in some cases, difficult compatibilities. When the right film/product combination is found, then we have an operational system. It is interesting to know that the water-soluble plastic film also has barrier properties to oils, gasses and odours. This ecological and biodegradable film can therefore answer to real technical problems related to the types of product that we want to pack.

A biodegradable plastic film with a double positive effect for our environment

The water-soluble plastic film diminishes the amount of waste by reducing the volume of packaging to be disposed of. Indeed, choosing a water-soluble packaging solution, we obtain small unit doses of concentrated products unlike traditional packaging. In this way, the size of the packaging and associated waste are reduced. This reduction of packaging has a double positive effect on our environment, it allows on the one hand to reduce plastic packaging and on the other hand to reduce CO2 emissions related to the transport of bulky products.

The biodegradable water-soluble film is practical and safe

Another advantage of the biodegradable water-soluble film is to allow the user to have in his hands a pre-dosed product in liquid or solid form. This unit dose makes its use much easier and convenient. No more waste with the water-soluble plastic film dose !

Finally, packaging for some harsh products is important to be safe for the user. This is the case of chlorinated water treatment products for swimming pools but also crop protection chemicals. The water-soluble film responds to the requirement of protecting the user by limiting or eliminating any danger when handling or inhaling the product.

The biodegradable water-soluble film has good days ahead because as our slogan says there is:

“More than one reason to use water soluble film”.