Water soluble standards films

These films are used for their barrier properties as straight or complex films for packaging purposes. 

They are also used as biodegradable packaging alone or in association with other compatible materials like compostable polymers and papers.

These are homo-polymer PVAL films soluble from a few degrees and above. They are currently used in unit dose packaging of agrochemicals, disinfectants, detergents, hygiene and body care products, dyestuffs, cements and additives.

Homo-polymer PVAL films are mainly used for hospital laundry bags manufacturing, while they are biodegradable and soluble in hot water washing cycles from 40 or 60 °C.

Advantages of water soluble films :




Barrier properties to gases, oxygen, aromas, UV.

Dissolves in contact with water.


Protects the product and the user.

Biodegradable and leaving no toxic residue.


Hospital laundry bag.

Packaging of crop protection products for agriculture and garden.

Packaging of chemical products such as : additives and dyes, hygiene and cosmetics, disinfectants and detergents…

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