Services for water soluble packaging, printing, packing, compatibility and logistics.

Soltec, in addition to the product sales in Europe, provides its customers services such as packaging design, product packing, compatibility studies, logistics, film colour printing and slitting.

Multicolor printing

Multicolour printing on water soluble film with compatible inks and high printing quality.

Printing Pval film requires appropriate compatible inks. These should be also soluble or dispersible and environmental friendly.

Heliographic and flexographic printing are possible.

Printing Pval film is a separate off line operation tailored to customer needs.

Packing operations

Packing operations in Pval water soluble film unit doses. Several packing technologies are available.

SOLTEC disposes an EEC network of packing sites and different packing technologies to propose.

The association of Pval film and packing experiences are assuring project success.

Compatibility studies

Compatibility studies of water soluble film packaging systems. Consulting and assistance with the choice of films adapted to the applications.

The first concern of associating a water soluble film with a product is the compatibility assessment. The Pval film is an active packaging, it will be used with the product in the application and it is important to make sure that the system is matching and the application is not affected.

Logistics services

Flexibility of the supply chain with intermediate storage of products. A customized film slitting service.

Proximity and service of products is important to assure continuity of the operations and flexibility. SOLTEC keeps film stock for the running operations and provides reactivity and technical assistance.