SOLTEC Complex PVOH/PE film: the packaging solution for your dishwasher freshener.

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Everybody knows the principle of the dishwasher freshener, this object that we attach to the cutlery basket of our dishwasher to neutralize bad odours and diffuse a good lemon scent during the washing cycles.

This deodorant packaging is designed so that it can protect the fragrance it contains before use and activate its diffusion during the first washing cycle. To do that, the film used as top layer of the freshener blister is a complex film, that is to say a film which combines several films layers with their specific properties.

The complex film used with the dishwasher freshener contains:

  • A special PE film that plays the role of diffuser
  • An adhesive that bonds the PE film to the water soluble PVOH film
  • A water soluble PVOH film which protects the fragrance thanks to its barrier properties and which activates the diffusion after its dissolution.

In this article we will present the advantages of Soltec PVOH/PE complex film used for dishwasher freshener.

The advantages of Soltec PVOH/PE complex film

Specialized in the water-soluble films, Soltec has developed a high-quality PVOH/PE complex film with specific features that we are going to discover together !

1. A barrier protection to perfume

The first important feature for this complex PVOH/PE film is its barrier property which aims to protect the perfume by preventing its evaporation. The water soluble PVOH film fulfils this role and it is essential since the freshener needs to retain all of its fragrance from its manufacture until its use in the dishwasher. The shelf life of the freshener in its packaging with Soltec PVOH/PE complex film is of the order of 1 year.

2. A long-term diffusion film

Another important feature for this complex PVOH/PE film is its ability to diffuse the perfume continuously and over time. Soltec PVOH/PE complex film has been designed to diffuse fragrance up to 60 washing cycles.

3. An attractive packaging

It is possible to encounter problems regarding the aspect and appearance of complex films in this field of application.

In fact, if the two films that are involved in the complex film are not firmly bonded, the following phenomenon can be observedb : the perfume contained in the packaging penetrates through the first layer of the inner film, dilutes the glue and peels off the outer film. This result in the formation of small bubbles on the surface of the packaging.

The Soltec PVOH/PE complex film is a resistant film optimized to avoid any delamination problem thus maintaining the attractiveness of the packaging.

4. Productivity gain and savings

Complex films in this application often require preconditioning to enhance the strength of the lamination, which translates into a waste of time and therefore money. But Soltec PVOH/PE complex film does not need any special preparation, it is ready for direct use!

It also adapts very easily to packing machines: the Soltec PVOH/PE complex film is easy to seal and runs at high speeds, which allows the machine to run faster and therefore to produce more product doses in less time.

Therefore productivity is improved and packing cost is optimised.

In conclusion, the Soltec PVOH/PE complex film fulfils all the requirements needed for this application and meet all the quality and performance objectives, in order to assure optimum storage and use of your dishwasher freshener.

It is important to note that other similar applications of the PVOH/PE Soltec complex film are possible, such as for example an ambient fragrance diffuser where it would suffice to put a little water on the film to start the diffusion of the fragrance.