Water soluble film for detergents and disinfectants

SOLTEC propose for liquid detergents, standard single layer films and special multilayer complex films.

Also for solid detergents there are available standard and copolymer type films to select, according to the product compatibility and application required performance.

Advantages of our water-soluble films for detergents and disinfectants :


Dose size and volume reduction

Convenience to use

Storage space and CO2 emissions reduction

Laudry unit doses

There has been a lot of developments in the area of laundry detergents concerning the introduction and diversification of liquid and solid pods.

Unit doses of small size in water soluble Pval film, containing the active materials for laundry only, water free and highly efficient.

Water soluble unit doses for disinfection

This packaging make it possible to produce concentrated doses of detergents or disinfectants.

The product contained can be liquid or solid. These doses can be directly used in dissolution into buckets and recipients to clean and decontaminate floors and surfaces.