Peelable film for unit doses

This new innovative product combines in one complex film different plastic materials like PET film, PE film, ALU foil or metalized films with the Pval water soluble and biodegradable film. The Pval film becomes the inner layer in contact with the product.

The innovative approach of this packaging relates to the ability of the Pval layer to peel off with its contents from the rest of the complex film delivering a water soluble primary pack in the form of a unit dose. In this way the water soluble unit dose can be used in the application, leaving a non-contaminated over-pack to be disposed of.


Sticky stretch film

The special sticky stretch film used to wrap-up solid products creates a tubular water soluble envelope sticking to itself and therefore no heat sealing is required

The tubular fibber packs produced with this method can be used directly in the different concrete formulations to reinforce mechanical properties.

It is used extensively in the building materials industry among other applications.


Complex film for dishwasher deodorizer

The Complex film is used as top cover in dishwasher blisters containing liquid perfume. The dishwasher deodorizer is automatically activated after dissolution of the Pval perfum protection film during the first wash cycle.

The Pval film protects the perfume in storage and liberates its diffusion during the first washing cycle. The packaging lasts over 60 cycles.

This film is easy to use and seal on perfume blister packing machines. It requires no special preparation and preconditioning.